The "Clym" is a portable wheelchair that can be pulled like a suit case while folded.
The name "Clym" means "pullable" or "attractive" in Korean.

"Mobility of Mobility"

The Clym can be folded into a perfectly flat form due to its creative structure. When you take the handle out, the wheelchair can be dragged around as easily as a suit case. In addition, when storing a wheelchair, it can stand vertically taking up less space. That's because the user's footrest turns into a stud when it's upright.

There are many wheelchairs that can be folded when storing. However, existing foldable wheelchairs must also be unfolded again when they need to be moved to another location. This can be very uncomfortable for someone who has to move a wheelchair frequently. In particular, in crowded places such as hospitals and airports, it is difficult to move far away with a wheelchair unfolded. This is especially true for those who have to bring wheelchairs to users rather than users themselves.

Clym can provide better usability for people who need to move wheelchairs frequently. For example, travelers who travel with their wheelchair user family can use Clym useful. and nurses or caregivers who care for wheelchair patients in hospitals can conveniently carry Clym whenever they want. Furthermore, public wheelchairs are often rented in large public places such as airports. In this situation, it is very easy to bring Clym to where there is a borrower. To put the case of an airport in more detail, when a wheelchair user arrives at his or her destination by plane, an airport worker must have his or her wheelchair positioned in advance. The time and energy required in the process will also be reduced. Lastly, wheelchair users who seek more convenient mobility can also use Clym.

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